Disc golf is an outstanding way to get some exercise, have fun with family and friends, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of the White Lake area. Whether you’re already an avid disc golf player or are new to the sport, White Lake has several courses you won’t want to miss!

Below, find descriptions of each of the main disc golf courses near The Weathervane Inn in downtown Montague. We explain everything you need to know about each one and what to expect.

If you’re not familiar with disc golf at all, feel free scroll to the end of this post for some basic information about the sport’s history, rules, and more.


Disc Golf Courses Near White Lake

Whitehall Township Disc Golf Course

8121-8129 Lorenson Rd, Whitehall, MI 49461

The Whitehall Township Disc Golf Course was established in 2004 and is free to play. The course features 36 holes in a wooded area. Play all of the holes or just a short round at your leisure. Each hole on the course offers variety and a fun mix of shots — some of which present unique and difficult challenges for even the best players.

The Whitehall Township DGC is volunteer-run and kept very clean as many reviewers and frequent players often note. Improvements continue to made every year. Come to play at your own pace, or check out tournaments and other upcoming events that go on year-round.


Henderson Lake Nature Center Course

10833 Henderson Rd, Montague, MI, 49437

The Henderson Lake Nature Center Course features 18 holes and is located in the Wooded Nature Center owned by Montague Township. The wooded course was established in 2012 and offers a continuous flow through all 18 holes — or you can alternatively cut from hole 5 to 15 to play a short round of 9.

Like the Whitehall Township DGC, there are sometimes events and tournaments going on at Henderson Lake DGC or “Hendy” as well. Frequent players note the relaxing vibe of the course and say it offers a great mix of distance and technical shots. In fact, enjoy a fun challenge right from the start, with an over-the-water shot as the very first shot. Recently, tee pads were installed on the course to add to players’ enjoyment.


Nestrom Road Park Course

Nestrom Road Park, Whitehall, MI, 49461

The Nestrom Road Park Course is a new and lesser-known 18-hole course in Whitehall, near Duck Lake. The course is wooded and according to past players, at times, the wooded tees can be less than easy to navigate because it’s still young. But if you’re willing to help break in a new, fun, and challenging course, Nestrom might be right up your alley.


Mullally Park Course

Mullally Park, Muskegon, MI 49445

Slightly to the south of the White Lake area, you’ll find the Mullally Park, which offers yet another great disc golf course in our area. Perfect for a quick round with friends or a practice game by yourself, Mullally Park Course is a short 9 holes and can be great fun.

The course is mostly open, but expect some trees in your path, which will help you shape your shots and improve your game. In the summer especially, the fairways are regularly mowed, and there’s good upkeep. Concrete tee pads are also in good shape and ready to be played on! Again, this is an excellent course for honing your skills or getting the hang of the sport as a newbie.


About Disc Golf

Disc golf — as the name suggests — is a sport very similar to traditional golf. However, unlike golf with its balls and clubs, disc golf uses discs or Frisbees®. Originally created in the ‘70s, the sport has recently picked up a tremendous amount of steam in rural areas especially — where a disc golf course can be created virtually anywhere.

Like golf, the goal of the game is to complete each “hole” with the fewest possible “strokes.” In actuality, each player “tees off” (throws their disc) from a tee pad (a concrete slab), aiming, of course, toward the hole (disc basket or Pole Hole®, which is slightly elevated). Just as in golf, unless you get a hole-in-one, you must follow your disc to where it landed after your tee off and progress down the fairway, continuing to throw your disc from the spot where it landed last, until you reach the basket.

In areas like White Lake, trees, rivers, shrubs, and other natural obstacles make the game more interesting and challenging (or frustrating, depending on how you see it!). The game is designed for individuals of all ages and can be excellent, low-impact exercise for everyone — the perfect way to get outside and enjoy nature’s beauty.


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