Apples, pumpkins, and hayrides, oh my!

Fall is finally here! And with its arrival, the chaos of large summer crowds has once again disappeared from White Lake. Children are in school, the beaches are mostly empty, and there’s a crispness in the air that can’t be described unless you’ve experienced it.

What better reason, then, to cozy up to the idea of visiting the Whitehall and Montague areas for a delightful fall vacation?

If you still need some coaxing, here are a few of our favorite reasons to love fall in White Lake.


#1 – Gorgeous Autumn Colors

Let’s face it: It’s hard to truly embrace the fall foliage when you live in a metropolitan area. The city simply doesn’t have the expansive forests and trees to do the season justice.

Head up north a ways, however, and you begin to realize just how much the landscape changes when fall arrives. The White Lake Area is flush with woods, forests, and changing trees of all kinds. Their reds, oranges, yellows, and golds look splendid against the backdrop of Lake Michigan and our many lakes and rivers.

Looking for the perfect time to see the leaves? By the looks of it, this year’s colors will peak around early to mid-October, so aim to book your stay then.


#2 – Perfect Scenic Routes for Enjoying the Foliage

Speaking of the splendid fall foliage, there’s no better place to find lovely winding scenic routes than the Whitehall and Montague areas.

Because it’s a mostly rural and largely agricultural region, there are a plethora of beautiful roads headed in every direction. You can go for miles without seeing another car, and even further before you hit a bonafide town.

Spend a few hours just seeing where the road takes you and exploring the vistas on your own. Or, take part in the Depot to Depot Color Tour, which gives you a set route to travel, plus fun perks along the way and when you finish. The Depot to Depot Color Tour operates every Saturday, October 3rd – October 24th.


#3 – A Slower Pace of Life

Most people know someone who travels every summer from a larger metropolitan area like Lansing, Detroit, or Grand Rapids, to the northern region of Michigan. And without a doubt, the summer months can be some of the best times to enjoy this region.

Still, there’s something about coming up north in the fall that makes the trip extra special. Crowds have dissipated. Long lines at restaurants and bars have waned. Kids are in school. The temperatures have eased up.

These might seem like small changes, but just see for yourself. There’s a special quality in the air when you’re in White Lake from September to November. Many of our visitors have specifically made note of it.

In addition to enjoying this special time, there are also perks to coming to White Lake in the “off season.” You’ll find better rates and prices, and they’ll be made even better if you book during the week.


#4 – Seasonal Produce and Treats

Who doesn’t love freshly baked bread or a homemade apple pie? How about pumpkins right from the patch or locally-pressed apple cider?

Get it all at Montague Farmers’ Market and the many establishments that sell local goods in town.

Apples, cider, donuts, squash, pies, pumpkins … there’s something for everyone and plenty of area farms and markets to shop at!


#5 – Outdoor Fall Activities & Ideal Autumn Weather

Not too hot, not too cold. That’s the perfect way to explain fall weather in the White Lake Area. While you’ll probably want to pack a jacket and a few other cold-weather accessories, it’s certainly still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors at your leisure.

Hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, long walks, and picnics are all excellent activities to enjoy outdoors right now. And they’re especially good ways to have fun while social distancing. Here’s a full list of outdoor activities to consider putting on your list:


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